Bath With Portable Waterproof TV

Days back I gave you the opportunity to bath with TV (Waterproof TV not portable) within four boundaries of your bathroom. But today, let me be more generous as now you can enjoy watching TV on your way to the scheduled rain dance as a part of your college fest. And even after reaching the venue no one stops you to put your TV into your bag. Yes, this featured-packed TV set is portable and waterproof.

Unlike other electronic devices that resist rain, this one is designed to get drenched in the rain. This Sanyo creation of a waterproof portable TV has a 4-inch LCD and a six-hour battery. True this is negligible if compared to other water-resistant models but its portability factor compensates it all one needs it only for timely needs. The sale of the product has started in Japan from today only with a retail price of 50,000 Yen ($453).

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Portable Waterproof TV

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