$455 USB Christmas Cake

And here comes the big day but what have arrangements my geek friends have done. Don’t give me the excuse of being neck-deep in work or eyeing 200 million yen Santa Claus. If the latter is too much to stop you from celebrating Christmas in high spirit then you can invest some money in a $455 USB Creamy Christmas Cake.

This would rather honor your workstation that has been a dry place since long. It features four ports that are adorned with four USB Strawberries providing 1GB memory. Presently the cake is available from SolidAlliance in Japan but would be available online at Strapya.com. The last date scheduled for placing an order is 3 December. The delivery of the cake will start from 20 December and is attuned with OS Windows 2000.

Measurement: 120×120×130mm
Weight: 650g
Price: $455

Via PCWatch

USB Christmas Cake

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