World’s Most Expensive Bike: Ecosse Heretic Titanium

If you have enough bank balance attracting dust then it’s time to get it cleaned by picking Ecosse Heretic Titanium. Don’t mistake by identifying it as another precious stone but rather it has earned the tag of the most expensive bike ready to burn the road. With a biting price of $273,200, the bike features an interesting engine crafted from a solid block of billet aluminum, with elements including a race-spec crankshaft, intercooler, supercharger and fuel injection.
With its 2147 cc engine, it drives out a huge 207bhp and an evenly bulky 218ftlb of torque. But this is not enough rather it is the beginning of the endless list as it is followed by a hand-built titanium chassis, powered individually by competent titanium welders, molding the notoriously luxurious metal into casing. Equal amount of respect is earned by its other accessories including custom-made ISRs brakes, race-spec carbon fibred framework shaped in an autoclave that is complemented with an elegant BRM chronograph watch harmonizing with each bike. The equipment used to fabricate this beauty is light weighted and thus cuts down the weight of the product to 192kg!
Via AutoRacingDaily

Ecosse Heretic Titanium

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