Volitan: A Green Concept Boat Or Flying Fish?

Volitan is a designer creation by Turkish design firm Designnobis Studio. Is it an installed masterpiece or a child toy? Well don’t dare to think it either of them as this is a lightweight, revolutionary, and green concept yacht that floats using solid sails, wind energy and solar power. Literally it means ‘flying fish.’

Her very personae looks like a fish with her sails down. The utility of the Volitan is managed and optimized by a systematized computer. The solid sails, which are prepared with dual layer of solar cell boards, are used to harness both wind and solar energy.


Whilst if the sea turns rough, then boat’s wings fold up against the boat, but there is nothing to worry as because the Volitan is engineered to operate up to 60 knot winds. Moreover, the ultramodern boat is all set to swerve the dime and the credit for this goes to its two smaller stabilizer wings. Going green is considered ‘in’ and as a result this has to dominate the minds of uber-rich. But you have to wait a while to see if this concept turns into reality or not.

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