Bath With Luxurite Wireless 17″ Waterproof TV

You must have felt the level of relaxation while your stay in a spa-tub, sauna or in an haute pool. It’s Inexpressible! But yet we do welcome new entrants to feel the higher comforts of life even in prohibited territory (bathroom). Whilst the fear water can kill the life of TV existed till the time it went under hammer with the unveiling of Luxurite Wireless 17″ Waterproof TV. Lavish Comfort could be the appropriate tagline for this new TV set.

You simply need to hang it to the hook in your bathroom in a perfect position and then connect your Audio & Video apparatus to the wireless transmitter that is complemented with the TV and voila. And you are all set to enjoy fun in your most private location. This gives you the freedom to bid adieu to all the floppy wires as it is HD operated. It flaunts built-in speakers, modish induction touch control panel and waterproof remote control.

Waterproof TV

On its very installation, the complemented mirror screen option gives you the opportunity to experience the ‘Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of the all” (after switching off). Grab now as its price has cut down from £2349 ($4,800) to £1,450 ($3,000).

Via BathRoomLuxury

Luxurite Wireless Waterproof TV

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