Swarovski Caked LG Refrigerator

Gadgets have been getting an affluent behavior as they come soaked in gold or dipped in diamond tub. But breaking the monotony, even the daily kitchen accessories are eyeing the way to glory. Lately, LG has unveiled a Swarovski-encrusted side-by-side refrigerator that comes bedecked with painterly flowery blueprint. Unlike other blingy gadgets that invite only elite gentry, this one has been designed keeping in mind your budget along with your desires.

Falling within the price-range, this sophisticated refrigerator is a designer accessory and is packed with rich features including Miracle Zone that gives freedom to its users to fix the temperature as per the food and Biosilver, a silver-ion coated liner that shields food items against microbes, fungus and mildew.

LG Refrigerator


Swarovski Caked LG Refrigerator

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  • I live in South Africa and I want this Swarovski fridge urgently. The furnisher store that

    Used to keep it in pretoria says it has been discontinued. Can you please tell me where I can get it.
    My number is 0129917526

  • Hi!i live in south africa secunda (mpumalanga)i want this swarovski fridge urgently.The stores that used to keep it says it had been discontinued.Can you please advise me where can i get it

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