Pricey Painting Discovered In Cheap Couch

In your weird imagination can you think of getting back $27,630 on an investment of $215 within no time? Let me demystify the mystery for you and introduce you to the fortunate German student who has experienced this. While the student rushed to the Berlin flea market to buy a sofa costing around $215 but his destiny offered him a painting amounting $27,630 that was hidden in the sofa.

Pricey Painting

Measuring 26 X 39 centimeter, this oil-on-shale painting fetched over $27,630 at a Hamburg art auction during last weekend. The student was unaware of this painting till the time she outspread the sofa. While identity of the painting invited my curiosity, auction house calmed it down by disclosing the painting as “Preparation to escape to Egypt,” a creation of an anonymous artist close to Venetian painter Carlo Saraceni.

Via CBC/ Spluch


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