LaVie G Hello Kitty model: Gold Plated and Diamond Encrusted Notebook PC

The list of Hello Kitty’s offering is long but likeable. While earlier, we have introduced you to Hello Kitty GSM phone, Swarovski crystal glass doll, doghouse and lately Hello kitty’s gold playing cards, today I came across the new notebook computer “LaVie G Hello Kitty model” designed with gold plated Hello Kitty, ornamented with Swarovski crystals exhibited at company’s showroom. The notebook PC is outfitted with an AMD’s Turion dual core CPU, 120GB HDD and a 15.4-inch LCD display with exceptional intended wallpaper and screen saver.

Hello kitty USB flash Drive

The package of ornamental yet electronic devices offered by NEC includes designer computer mouse and USB flash memory.

Picture Gallery: LaVie G Hello Kitty Notebook

Hello Kitty Notebook

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  • I sooooo want to buy this computer! hello kitty looney over here! dread to think how much it costs…

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