Gold-Diamond Encrusted Polymer Logic Loudspeakers

If you desire an accessory for your golden ears then it has to have a diamond touch. Realizing the need, midrange diamond-cone speakers have been devised offering golden music. But this is not the end. The latest offering of Polymer Logic speakers from Polymer Audio Research in the form of titanium dome tweeters comes festooned with a chaste coat of solid gold.

Polymer Logic Loudspeakers

Retailed at $24,990, the surround-sound speakers makes use of a diamond cone midrange drivers on either side, Supravox TG1 tweeter and a duo of hand-crafted vapor dumped on titanium cone woofers. Till date, the concept of diamond midrange cone has been commercially applied to the $250,000/pr Marten Design Coltrane Supreme.

Via Audio Junkies

Polymer Logic Loudspeakers

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