Elite Estate Eyes Enthusiasts: Colorado-Based Monolithic Dome Home

Now and then we have been craving for a change in our lifestyle. And why not as the exhaustive day kills one badly! Breaking the monotony and offering a perfect level of luxury is a monolithic dome home positioned over 6,700 feet above sea level in Colorado. It resembles Igloos. Located in the vicinity of Apishipa River Valley near Aguilar, the Dome house flaunts conventional setup with a contemporary tinge. Spread over 5,600 sq. ft., the dome home comprises of eight integrated domes, with the chief dome 40 feet in width offering 1,756 sq ft of living space encompassing living room, dining, kitchen and loft. Rest all domes measures 22 feet in diameter with two bedrooms on the upper level, in total six-bedroom and two-bath.

Monolithic Dome Home

The home is greeted by the gorgeous Huajatolla Peaks in the background. Other highlighting facilities of the dome home include theater dome, a 1,300 sq. ft guest home, and a solar powered well. The serene, magnificent belonging has been appraised at $1,000,000 and is listed at $975,000.

Picture Gallery: Colorado-Based Monolithic Dome Home

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Monolithic Dome Home

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