World’s Most Expensive Wallpapers – US Money Pubs Flaunt

For granted, pubs are related to ripping one’s pocket and offering a momentary joy in return. But a peek into the US pubs offers you a transparent image of the bank balance of the pub adding weight on to the walls. They did not hire any interior decorator to enlighten their ambiance but their savvy visitors did it all.

Let me now demystify the mystery. One of the US pubs has now earned the reputation of owing the world’s most expensive wallpaper. Made up of? What a stupid query? Of course MONEY, in fact DOLLAR BILLS! Wall Street Fighter has unveiled this hidden reality before us by highlighting the glimpses of the No Name Pub dated back to 1931 in Big Pine Key and the McGuire’s Irish Pub that started in 1977. While the former confirms to feature $750,000 in singles hanging on the walls, the later flaunts $550,000 in dollar bills.

Expensive Wallpapers
Expensive Wallpapers

The credit for No Name Pub gained popularity goes to Jimmy Buffet reputation. The rituals started when every single visitor use to pin up a dollar note on to the wall of the pub (could be a token of love). The pictures are the mirror image of the Pub after 30-years if its birth. On the other side, the history attached to the money-build walls of the McGuire’s Irish Pub is a bit different as the Pub’s first waitress, took her first dollar tip and stapled it on the wall. What adds value to these countless but valuable notes is their artistic placement. I am sure this USP of the pub would be the sure-shot destination for the elite nationalities of US who cannot afford to booze in any ordinary pub.

Expensive Wallpapers
Expensive Wallpapers
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