Designer Mobius MKII Loudspeakers Offers 360-Degree Solution

Ear-catching…..Or let me correct myself…. Eye-catching! Yah, the Mobius MKII loudspeakers stands away from the myriad of other speakers available in the market space. In picture, the size of the speakers seem like any other ordinary speaker but in reality they are 38″ tall and lodges four drivers in its 8″ bipolar display that reside calmly on crown of the speaker producing 360 degrees of sound.

This sphere fits a couple of 1″ silk dome tweeters together with a pair of 6″ midbass drivers escalated to the back. It an play up to 20-kHz of audio and if drives your curiosity then you can grab them in next spring season as Mobius plans to unveil these loudspeakers in variety of colors. The feature -packed and appealing speakers cannot be contemplated to be less than $10,000 – $15,000.

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Mobius MKII Loudspeakers

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