750-Year-Old Church Moves on Wheels For Coal Mine

A 660-tonne stone church was lately lifted on to a giant undulating platform in eastern Germany with an aim to make the 12-kilometre journey to its new abode. Positioned in the village of Heuersdorf, the church was moved as it was residing on the extensive deposits of lignite, or brown coal. The mining work to extract the lignite, a fuel used in power generation plants is anticipated to start soon.

This ancient church along with tiled bell tower was alienated from its brass tacks and escalated to 1.5 metres to be placed on the carrier. It’s painstakingly leisurely journey to the village of Borna has started and is estimated to arrive on 31 October, the marking of Halloween and the date Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the Wittenberg Church door. This lifting of a church is a part of $4.2 million project. The route takes the antique church over the rivers Wyhra and Pleisse and two railway crossings. The rights to strip mine in Heuersdorf were given only after only after a 10-year battle through the courts.

Ancient Church: Picture Gallery of 750-Year-Old-Church

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750-Year-Old Church

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