A Dream Bath with Swarovski Dazzling Daydream

It is for sure that luxury has no boundaries. I would say that dreams are meant to be made true. This is exactly what the glorious association of two popular companies has achieved. The Dazzling Daydream is a combination of two companies which have come together to create a revolution in the history of luxury bath. Kludi, the organization that deals in the field of water in bathrooms, and Swarovski, the company that has acclaimed its specialty in crystal cutting, have allied together to create lavish bathrooms in order to make bathing more wonderful and splendid than it has ever been.

Swarovski Dazzling Bath

No doubt, the price is actually worth the sumptuousness of the luxury. The starting range of this product is from US $85,064(60,000Euros). The Dazzling Daydream has endeavored to take the concept of bathing beyond the dimensions of stylish architecture, and have provided a cadence to the entire concept by corroborating it with a rhythmic dimension. The lush Resources such as crystal, glass, granite and chrome have augmented the beauty of ‘Passion’, while the one called ‘Delight’ is characterized by glittering and lucent wood, limestone. Crystal etc.It would really be a very luxurious and sumptuous experience to bathe in such a marvelous surrounding. I am looking forward to it. Just loving it…

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