World’s Most Expensive Dog Collar: $1.8 mn

Broke again! But with no regret as I end up buying any luxurious accessory for my Dog. At times, I do wonder if my desire for buying pricey thingy products for my dog would ever end. While earlier, the package was full of Rescue jackets for dogs, diamond-coat by Vivienne Westwood, pricey sofa for your dog and not to miss the Hello Kitty doghouse for $31660, today I came across elite dog collar residing at I love my dogs.

Identified as Amour Amour, it is a 52-carat diamond dog collar demanding a braking sum of $1.8 million. The collar is weaved with 1600 hand-set diamonds with a seven-carat, D-IF, brilliant cut center diamond. Among other affordable dog-collars are Juene Cheri, Amour de la Mer, L’Etoile, and Cheri at a retail price of $280,000 to $480,000.

Dog Collar


World's Most Expensive Dog Collar: $1.8 mn


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