Jumbo Jet in a Bedroom

It is somewhat surprising, isn’t it? But, this has been made a reality by John Davis who is just too crazy about planes. He has actually made a dream come true by building an ‘aircraft’ in his bedroom. Just imagine you can wander across the world even while sitting in you room. It is just incredible. The flight deck of £15,000 is actually worth the price. His enthusiasm, courage and dexterity are really inspiring.

The simulator claims of recreating the feel and sound of Boeing 747. This great and passionate man has spent around 7 years to make the simulator as authentic as he could. He ensured the design of his jumbo jet by studying it on the aviation websites.
He declares that the software of the simulator has the facility of recreating natural landscapes of any place in the world including the Alps, the skyline of New York, and the like.

It is really so interesting that I want to grab the opportunity to witness this innovative technology.


Boeing 747

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