Elite Museums Preserve the Brands: BMW Welt, Another Hit?

Lately unveiled piece of architecture in Munich has created a buzz but its worthiness is under scanning. Also, this is seen as another highlighting feature in Munich besides ongoing October fest. BMW is busy celebrating its gala opening their BMW World (BMW Welt). The theatrical structural design of the BMW World is supported by two curved glass cones.

Located near the vicinity of the headquarters of the German luxury carmaker BMW in the southern German city of Munich, the “BMW World” is gleaming with style. Publicly, the doors of the BMW Welt got opened yesterday only (21 October).

Spread over 73,000-square-meter, this shrine is designed by Viennese architects Coop Himmelb(l)au and is catching eyeballs due to its pouncing roof and twisted-glass tower. It seems to offer a sleek testimony to BMW’s early-20th-century origins as an aircraft-engine maker. With an aim to convey the emotions of the brand, the building known as “car delivery and experience center,” is the latest creation in the array of existing showrooms, cathedrals and concert halls modeled till date. It is gaining the reputation of being the luxury symbol in the history of brand.

Why luxury residences for the upcoming models?

BMW Welt

With the increasing number of foreign-based luxury car-makers entering into the market, designing an elite experience for the brands is seen as their USP.

Your much-awaited car comes on a glass elevator and is placed on a rotating platform. It takes almost 40-mins to introduce your new car before you can drive it out of the BMW World onto the gushy roads. The new BMW edifice also offers bistros, shops, fairs and space for events. According to the architects, the building is sustainable through innovative climatic concepts which result in an estimated 30% energy savings.

BMW Welt

The new building will be frequently used for the delivery of cars and for other exhibitions. Initially, the estimated price placed by BMW for its new project was “€100 million,” but its structural engineers on the project, Frankfurt-based Bollinger and Grohmann claims the building is worth €250 million. Apparently, the BMW welt paid around 200 million Euros ($286,258,482) for this revolutionary car minster and is available for public for counted 11 hours i.e. from 9am to 8pm.

BMW Welt

Designed by Viennese architects Delugan Meissl, the next trend settling creation after this would be the Porsche Museum scheduled to open in 2008. Various players who have recognized the worth of the architectural designs are Volkswagen, with Autostadt with its successor being the Europa-Park theme park near Freiburg.

About 200,000 people a year visit the complex, but BMW is expecting that to quadruple with the new building, with about 45,000 visitors taking home a car.Going against the thought of the picking up the car from the factory kills the delivery cost, the BMW creation charges additional €475 as a fee. With this it is very clear that only elite buyers are invited who have he heart to pay the fee also.

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BMW Welt

BMW Welt

BMW Welt


BMW Welt

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