The Most Expensive Game Boy in the World

Yes, you got it right… the most expensive game boy in the world is worth $25,000. Is it a bit absurd? I don’t think o actually. You obviously have to pay the price to be elite. The style and elegance of classy things is absolutely worth their cost. And imagine the publicity and the talks in the elite circle…now do you think it is weird?

This $25,000 Game Boy is the rarest of its category. The splendor of playing with it is just unforgettable. It is made of 18k solid gold. What’s more? Its control buttons have diamond accents. The diamonds placed around the display screen are magnificent.

The exclusive Nintendo Game Boy is produced by Aspreys from
London. The entire pack contains additional game cartridges, original cables, display cartridges of blue leather, and it also entitles the customer with a certificate of the 18k-gold-gameboy. That’s interesting…

The dimensions of this unique playboy are 6 x 3.6 x 1.5 inch. It weighs 27 ounces. It can be obtained through Swiss Supply.

The idea is really exclusive. I think it deserves to be the most expensive Game Boy.


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