Rescue Jackets for Your Pets

I reside in an earthquake-prone zone called Seattle, the most unpredictable place with little before-hand preparations and no compromise to luxury! But can luxury buy safety? Yah, I think it can as during unfortunate times even your pet can be your savior. Lately on my visit to the Security and Safety Trade Expo in Tokyo, I came across a rescue jacket and raincoat designed for your either a pt dog or cat. Huh, don’t mistake it by identifying it as a mere designer jacket as its functionality is beyond tour imagination.

Dog Rescue Jackets

Against the previous Diamond-coat designed for pet dogs, this rescue jacket carries around 13 emergency goods in its kit along with food and water that can be used in a possible disaster and would cost you $242 to $432. I am sure you would consider this as an investment rather than expenditure.


Dog Rescue Jackets

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