“Lost in Space” Robot in its New Avatar: B-9 Environment Control Robot

Most-admired robot from the classic TV series “Lost in Space” (1965-1968) is back in its new avatar. The B-9 Environment control Robot has been spreading its charm like a virus due to its 61/2 foot animatronic remote-controlled version.

The structure of the robot is based on Fiber glass, aluminum, acrylic, and steel parts and is equipped with its trunk, radar head, blinking lights, scraped arms, vivacious ear sensors and above all every feature of the present robot is stanchly reworked against the size and form of conventional robot.

The flexible torso can be moved to-and-fro and the robot soil sampler works on the activation of the remote control. With 240-watt audio system, the robot also utters the melodious 511 pre-recorded phrases performed by Richard Tufeld in its original form of the TV production. At an affordable price, this robot can even beat Gundam diamond encrusted robot.

Measurement: 78 (H) X 27 (W)
Price: $24,500



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