Luxury Cruise in a Fourth Generation Aircraft: Aeroscraft ML866

And it is here. The long wait of flying in a whale-shaped aircraft that can even beat a superyact is over. With all eyes glued on Aerocraft ML866 that can peddle around 3000 miles, the aircraft is getting its deserving luxurious welcome. The aircraft launched by Worldwide Aeros Corporation is an optimist assisted air vehicle having a stiff configuration and gas cells.

Aeroscraft ML866

The aircraft was seen exhibited at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) show in Atlanta, Georgia. To your much-surprise, the USP of the aircraft is its adaptability into an elite floating yacht. The air vehicle boasts a top speed of 138 mph (222 km/h) with a built-in airport featuring 5,000 sq ft of cabin space. Likewise Helicopter, the aircraft can fly vertically, thereby reducing a runaway time. The gargantuan structure of the blimp-shaped aircraft can cover more than half of a football field. It can fly to the altitude of 12,000 ft.

Aeroscraft ML866

The very entry into the aeroscraft ML866 would put you across an airborne business center that includes an automated office, video conferencing facility, stylish communications package, transformable interior and a wide conference space. The multi-functional device can be used as a personal air yacht, corporate aircraft, business centre in the sky and also as a business commuter.

Aeroscraft ML866

The aficionados have to wait a bit more as the assured launch of the first flight is scheduled for 2010 after airframe static testing. With no official price, rumors are heating the ears with its expected price tag of $40 million.
Measurement: 64 m (L) X 36 m (W) X 17m (H)


Aeroscraft ML866

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