Caran d’Ache Unveils “1010” Fountain Pen For $174,000

Earlier we have introduced you to world’s most-expensive pen for $730,000 and also made you familiar with the Namikis 18-carat-gold nib pen, now its time to update the list of most-elite pens, which have become a more of an accessory.

Swiss luxury stationery maker Caran d’Ache displayed its pricey “1010” fountain pen in Tokyo market on 17 October. With a demanding cost of $174,000 (20 million yen), this pen is festooned with 18-karat gold and studded with a diamond and a ruby. The company produced only 10 limited edition models with one piece made available for the Japanese market. It is Kelvin Tan’s passion (a photographer by profession) for watches and beautiful pens that drove him across newly opened Caran d’Ache boutique in the shopping mall of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Singapore welcomed the pen with full generosity on 10/10/07 (coincidence). The expertise used to produce such elite pens is worth applauding, as the competent market is ready to beat with its emerging products. Also, the pen is loaded with minutiae that can be associated to fine perfunctory watches.

“1010″ Fountain Pen

“1010″ Fountain Pen


“1010″ Fountain Pen

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  • dude who in the world waste their money on a pen like that????…….$174,000 dude!!!!!…….that is way too much……kids are dying because there is no one to give them food, still people waste their money on a damn pen????????…….that is not right!!!!!

  • The specimen showed is not the 174,000 dollar writing tool, but the cheaper 19,100 one. This is all about art. And, as we know, art does not come cheap. It enriches our world and we should be open to it. Feeding people is important, but the reason we do not succeed in doing so is because of political reasons, not financial ones.

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