300 MPG Concept Car Hits the Market

When the talk about concept cars is on, one cannot afford to miss Type-C pedal car designed for kids and also much-in-news $1, 48,000 Terrafugia Transition to be offered in 2008. Of course, new entries are welcome to beat the existing ones, thereby offering variety to the auto-maniacs. Lately, a company called Aperta has unveiled its 300 MPG concept car that resembles to those mentioned in 1960’s fictions.

Company is busy making reservations for the production version of a three-wheeled vehicle. According to information disclosed by company, this all-electric model can cruise for 120 miles without seeking any re-charge and would be available for $26,900 against the hybrid model that can be yours for $29,900.

Eyebrows are raised to company’s claim that soon it would be unveiling a model designed to fly directly to the Jovian moon Europa and has the tendency to get converted into a submarine, offering you an opportunity to discover the alien life forms.

Check out the video:


300 MPG

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