World’s Most Expensive Book: $30.8 mn Codex Leicester

One of the most renowned and revered artist, musician, scientist, mathematician among other attributes, Leonardo Da Vinci, composed a book Codex Leicester or Codex Hammer that was a collection of his scientific theories and writings. This invaluable piece of science literature has now been crowned with the title of the world’s most expensive book, as the book was purchased for a staggering sum of $30.8 million by none other than the founder of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates. Codex Hammer is one of the thirty most renowned journals of Da Vinci and is considered to be one of the most important of all, primarily due to its scientific significance. The Codex itself is composed of some18 sheets of paper that contain writings on both sides and  is a compilation of some 72 pages. This magnificent piece of scientific literature, which is also the most expensive book in the world.

The Codex Leicester provides a rare glimpse into the mind and thinking of one of the foremost Renaissance figures, who has created an exceptional connection between the two different worlds of science and arts. Leonardo Da Vinci stipulated that the mountains were formed due to the movement of tectonic plates and that before their creation, these mountains formed sea beds. This theory was later proved to be absolutely correct by the scientific community. In this extremely rare literature, Da Vinci also talks about the modern principles of fluid dynamics, wherein he noted his observations of the movements of water. Codex Leicester was later acquired by industrialist and art collector Armand Hammer and renamed the book to Codex Hammer, which as then acquired by the legendary Bill Gates. Since its acquisition by the world renowned philanthropist, Codex Leicester has been showcased at various high profile locations once each year. This year, this highly insightful book was displayed at Chester Beatty Library in Dublin, Ireland.

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