Samsung Reveals 24-inch 245T with HDMI

Samsung has lately unveiled a high-end computer LCD that expects a warm welcome from home theater users along with home users planning to buy larger displays. This 24-inch SyncMaster 245T offers the built-in HDMI input with larger screens.

It also allows you to play game consoles and HD movie readers. Motion Picture Acceleration ostensibly takes care of the quality of the movies. The Korean electronics giant has also assured an active contrast ratio of up to 1,500:1 (1,000:1 static), 16.7 million colors, and 6ms average pixel response time. The conventional video can get connected to it via S-video or VGA together with the DVI and HDMI sources. The first model of the 245T went for sale in Korea yesterday for $1,114. Sooner, it would be available in North America but no information about its prices in overseas.


Samsung 24-inch 245T

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