Interactive LED Coffee Table

If you are bored with your existing home-furnishings and are looking for a change, then you are at the right place. Check out the lavish Butterfly table, Hither Hills Cocktail Table, Bernstein Floating Table and also the lately discovered Alien-tables; and if still not satiated then go on further. Designed by “Because We Can” and “Evil Made Scientist Laboratories”, the interactive LED coffee table is equipped with hundreds of LEDs on its face. This table responds musically to your gestures and general movement. The table is full of life, motion-sensitive, shines on the very passing of an object over it. If the table cannot sense any motion, the blinking fades gradually.

The kit comprises of colossal printed circuit boards, apparatus and works on proper power supply and other sundry required to drive the electronic senses of the table. The size of the circuit board featured above in video is 12″x14″. With polished silver-immersion finish, the table seems more of an installed masterpiece than a household accessory. The kit is available in two panels viz. six-panel and eight-panel kit and can be attached in rectangular form. The table can be yours for $1,990 and do–it-yourself kit can be handpicked for $350.


Interactive LED Coffee Table

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