1804 Eagle Gold Coin Sold For $5 Million

Call it a trick, a mistake but the $10 million gold coin is back in news. While the sale of a coin last week generated $5 million but the very mention of incorrect date on it has come out as an issue. The stamped year on the coin 1804 is incorrect as the coin was created in 1834 at the Philadelphia Mint to be gifted to Andrew Jackson.

It has beaten its earlier record of fetching $1 million in 2003, followed by $2.47 million in 2005. Only four such coins are available globally. But Luxist wonders about the rising prices of the coins? And so do I. They say coins aren’t mere corporeal historical-records but there value goes beyond that and my worry still lingers inviting my curiosity about its value.

David Albanese, the president of Albanese Rare Coins, the coin-dealer lately disclosed that both buyer-seller are businessman from Northeastern United States and are addicted to collect coins since their childhood. It is their and many others’ hobby only that led to whopping bids in the frequently happening auctions. Now that hobby could be of collecting old wine, jewelry, artwork or painting.


1804 Eagle Gold Coin

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