World’s Most Expensive Number Plate

In today’s world of luxury, there is hardly any realm that has been left untouched, from automobiles to luxury hospitality, the rich and affluent are now provided with enormous means to exert their class and finesse in their lifestyles. In Abu Dhabi, luxury has one again been glorified with the auctioning of a car license plate that has now claimed the title of being the world’s most number plate. Bid upon and subsequently purchased by businessman, Talal Khouri, this single digit license plate that carries the number 5 fetched a mind boggling $6.8 million and beat the previous record by almost as much as ten times. The most expensive number plate was part of an auction organized in Abu Dhabi that was aimed at raising money for various charitable purposes including for people with special needs and accident victims. The auction was held at the main theatre of the Emirates Palace and witnessed the attendance of some 700 participants.

The number plate “5”, which became the world’s most expensive license plate was bought by the winning bidder stating that after his demise, the number plate shall be auctioned again and will raise even more money for charity. The previous record for the world’s most expensive license plate was acquired by a the number plate “M1”, which was sold off in the month of July last year for a staggering sum of $657,160 in Yorkshire, northern England. The auction in Abu Dhabi also yielded the second most expensive number plate in the world in the form of number ‘12’ that fetched nearly $2.5 million. We have seen a lot of fancy events and auctions in the name of charity, but this particular auctions stands out amongst the rest due to its unique offerings.

According to Talal Khouri,

“The number does not mean anything to me. I will keep it and after my death it will be re-auctioned and probably raise more money that will again be given to charity and humanitarian work.”

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