Strato Cruiser: A Luxurious Flying Palace for Filthy-Rich

A deserving amount of respect for travelers is been given by aircraft authorities and creative minds designing elite aircrafts’. Featuring ultra-modern facilities and conveniences, Aeros luxurious ML866 aircraft and Airbus A380 created buzz days back. And now, the new applicant or the prospective model is an elite Strato Cruiser Airship. The conception of the model is done by Tino Schaedler and Michael J Brown. It seems rich folks cannot afford to miss their lavish gestures while traveling. With no control over their desires, they can spend big bucks of money just to satisfy themselves.

Picture this: A pretty young female traveling in Strato Cruiser and getting her manicure done at the same hour. Isn’t it the height of time-utilization? Yah, it is but guys only rich travel freaks can afford to do it. This helium-equipped airship flaunts an epicurean restaurant, spa, swimming pool, DJ, library along with a various mini-offices. I wish this fantasy ship soon gets turned into a realistic masterpiece inviting big earnings in return.

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