For Rich Gamers: Porsche Replica Racing Wheel by Fanatec

If the pricey six-figure tag is the only barrier stopping you from getting your hands on Porsche 911 Turbo S, then happily bid farewell to it. The latest offering by Fanatec’s is a facsimile of the real wheel licensed by Porsche with a difference as it can fit into your budget. Besides the looks, the wheel also features hand-woven leather and reliable metal badge on the hub. It’s wireless connectivity between the pedals and the wheel along with its compatibility with both PC and PS3 is quite alluring.

AC power is the prerequisite to drive the three force feedback motors, while the pedals run off AA batteries. The wheel also includes a shifter with a real H pattern to go along with the clutch pedal like the Logitech G25 has.

You can enjoy the ultra-pragmatic feel of the three-pedal set of the wheel comes packed with gas, brake and clutch. It is offered with a unique 1GB USB drive in the form of a Porsche key. Fanatec has plans to hit the market with its wheels by 13 December at $325. I agree it is quite an expensive than Logitech G25 but the first-hand experience would ensure that you have inked a worthy deal.


Porsche Replica Racing Wheel

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