$75,000 Swami Conversational Robot: Fortune Teller For Geeks

Neiman Marcus is an established name in the realm of awfully luxurious, classy and selected gift items. Those who have a dire belief in astrology or palm reading find it difficult to extract time from their busy schedule to meet fortune tellers. But still they manage. Here comes an end to your frequent visits to fake or ‘real’ saints or swamis carrying the guise of your destiny-makers predicting your future in return of thousands for a particular visit. Try the wits of this Swami Conversational Robot that can become yours for once and for all at mere $75,000.

This animatronic robot head fixed in a glass sphere can identify family members, make interesting conversations and can even answer their queries (hopefully, some of them). The robot is designed with more than 30 robotic micro motors, built-in evolutionary character-engine artificial intelligence software and looks with its micro-camera eyes. I am sure you must be full of doubts to taste his services but go back to the period when you first visited your so-called-swami and your neighbor introduced you to their relative saying “Meet Mr. and Mrs. Superstitious.”

But with this robot-experience, it can scan their thoughts and when next time such introduction happens it would be “Let the take the honor to put you across the GEEKS of our society.” Feel the change! What say?

Via Born Rich

Swami Conversational Robot

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