World’s Most Expensive and Brightest Bike Light


The realm of the world’s most expensive has just been handed an all new addition in the form of ‘Betty’,  which is now unequivocally the world’s most expensive bike light that will not only enhanced illumination to the road ahead, but will also bring a class of elegance. Designed and developed especially for cyclists, Betty, carries the ability to brightly illuminate the path ahead for the riders to have a safe and more enjoyable ride, especially in dark areas or where streetlight isn’t sufficient enough. Considered to be an item of luxury, the all new Betty bike light carries a price tag of $1,200. Designed and developed by Lupine Lighting System, this marvelous bike light is a high performance device that works far better than its predecessor. Betty is essentially a helmet mounted lighting system that is powered by a lithium ion battery and features seven LED lights, while burning bright at 1,400 lumens.

The sensational Betty bike light from Lupine has been designed to provide the users with the ability of adjusting the operational wattage of the light. This means that if Betty is used at the optimum wattage, then this magnificent bike accessory will be able to provide stunning illumination for up to 300 hours on a single charge. The high brightness of the LED lamps in Betty lead to the heating the bike light and hence it requires to be cooled, which it accomplished by using the flowing air that is generated when you ride your bike. Furthermore, in order to save power, Betty automatically dims down if you are slow riding.

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