Charity Sweepstake for World’s Most Expensive Shampoo

Considered to be at the top of luxury haircare pyramid as well as being the pioneer of this luxury vertical, Alterna is a luxury cosmetics & fragrance company that not only specializes in some of the most exotic hair care solutions, but is also the creator of the world’s most expensive shampoo. Renowned globally as Alterna Ten, thus luxury shampoo is by far one of the most expensive and carries some of the most exquisite ingredients, accumulated from all over the world to provide the best possible hair care for its customers. Now,  the owner of the Alterna boutique in Nantwich, England, Helen Douglas has announced the commencement of a unique sweepstake auctions, where in the winner will be rewarded with the world’s most luxurious shampoo and conditioner.

The sweepstake offer has been introduced not for products sale alone, but also to fulfill a much noble cause that of charity. The Alterna Ten which carries a retail price tag of $386 is now being offered as a sweepstake reward, wherein each of the participants is required to buy a sweepstake ticket that is available from the boutique’s reception. The participants will be able purchase these tickets at $1.5 each and all proceeds which are expected by close to $1,578 will be given to the Hope House Children’s Hospice. Hailed as the world’s most expensive shampoo and conditioner, the Alterna Ten collection is composed of some of the most exotic elements of nature including African cacao extract, caviar age-control complex, photozyme complex, white truffle oil, Champagne grape seed oil, Bulgarian Evening Primrose and Arabian Frankincense. This luxury shampoo has been developed on an enzyme therapy platform. Enzyme therapy is widely regarded as a most effective treatment for digestive problems and even cancer.

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