Twin Seater Submarine: CQ-2

The history of submarines tracks back to 1620 when a Dutchman built the first submarine by using leather and wood that can swim around 15 feet under the surface. Experimenting with submarines seems to be in the blood of Dutchmen as they are now making efforts to deliver personal submarines.

Following the success of single-seater, C-Quester at Monte Carlo has lately unveiled CQ-2; a fully-automatic twin-seater personal submarine that maintains the cabin pressure at one temperature. Fully charged battery (14-hrs) can hold you submerged for 2.5 hours under assured safety precautions offering suffice air for 36 hours to meet the urgency, if any.

Accessible on four 36V electric motors (two for drive, one to take you sub upwards and another downwards), the submarine drives on a total 101lbs of power.

Folks who are introduced with the art of driving a boat would find driving CQ-2 a child’s toy. The cost-factor is quite alarming as it would be SOME million dollars. Yah, it would be a bit-pricier than Porsche and its exclusivity deserves this. Presently, all eyes and ears are on a four-seater anticipated to be launched in 2008.

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Twin Seater Submarine

Twin Seater Submarine

Twin Seater Submarine


Twin Seater Submarine

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