1985 Buckingham: Have Courage to Drive $1,400 Per Mile?

It took three-long years to build 1985 Buckingham and the very out product demands $1,400 per mile. Isn’t it pricey? Yah, it is the obvious reply but it’s justifiable. Around eight proficient Aston Martin Lagonda craftsmen were deployed for two years to complete its design and for final touch.

In terms of running costs, this is the most-expensive coupé produced ever till date counting depreciation, indemnity, listing, maintenance. It required an investment of $509,673 for its build-up and it has taken a ride over just 348 miles in the past 22 years.

The car would be available for auction on 2 October in BCA’s next Classic & Historic auction in the UK. Its radiator badge was designed by the regal jeweller, Garrards in gold and black shades.


1985 Buckingham

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