Sculptural Japanese Chair for Sumo Wrestler

The potency and form of the cedar was a clear option and blind choice before the designer Isamu Kenmochi to materialize his wish of making a chair suiting the personality of a Sumo wrestler. Identified as Kashiwado chair, it emerged as a style icon in 1961.

Kenmochi designed this chair especially for Kashiwado, the famous Sumo athlete. Apparently, the designer must have had different dimensions in his mind that helped him produced this masterpiece that fits his body and vice-versa. Lolz-:)

Designer took weeks to produce this chair. Designing starts with cutting numerous blocks of the bottom roots from a Japanese cedar. After a careful selection of high-quality wood with the most tree-rings, the blocks are coated on each-other forming layers. Then a shiny polish followed by a coating.

And the chair is ready waiting for the wrestler to unveil its peerless designing. Three cheers for Kenmochi for his designer creation.

Measurement: 24.80” (H) X 33.46” (W) X 30.31” (D)
Designer: Isamu Kenmochi
Price: $9,950


Kashiwado chair

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