75 Carat Royal Asscher Diamond Platinum Necklace for $1.8 mn

This dazzling necklace is an exceptional piece designed by Lita Asscher, a fifth generation Asscher and MD of The Royal Asscher, a renowned diamond company of America. This peerless ornament is being devised with around 100 hand cut and refined diamonds. The necklace was available for sale at ebay with a retail price of $1,800,000.

The counted five large Royal Asscher Cut diamonds shaped in vivid black onyx signifies the five generations of the Asscher diamontaire dynasty. Around 96 Royal Asscher Cut diamonds with diverse size of 0.50 – 0.60 carat were carved in distinct platinum to fashion a splendid 16-inch chain followed by a 3-inch chain forming a spectacular pendant.

This fabulous diamond represents the legendary Cullinan diamond (largest diamond till date) that was cut into three parts by the Joseph Asscher to form part of the tiara jewels. The craftsmanship delivered while producing this necklace from polishing to setting of diamonds was at par.


Asscher Diamond Platinum Necklace

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