World’s First Anti-Sea-Sickness Yacht: The Ferretti

If you are also the victim of motion sickness or sea-sickness, then don’t be hesitant. It is the only obstacle that stops you from exploring hidden territories and enjoying the beauty of the magnificent places.

But now such problem doesn’t exist with the entry of the first anti sea-sickness yacht that functions on an “anti-Rolling Gyro” technology that restricts the sideways movement of the yacht. According the Luxist, the USP of the Ferretti 630’s system consist of a motorized 154 pound gyroscope carved out of steel and aluminum positioned at the foot of the hull.

Among the other facilities of the craft, a massage lounge is quite attractive. If your senses are driven to grab this yacht is to loose the weight of your check book by $3.2 million.

Via Luxury Launches

The Ferretti

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