Electric Cigarette Offers Elite Fagging Experience

No Fire! No Nasty Smoke! Only Nontoxic Vapor

If you are frequently being chastise for ignoring smoking signs and fagging in barred territories then my advice is to go head. Yah, I am talking in my senses but yes you have to switch from a normal cigarette pack to Crown7’s electric cigarettes.

The cigarette permits you to enjoy its feel in all forbidden places viz. trains, planes, office-cabins, restaurants, and so on and so out. The unique experience of this cigarette helps you erase the list containing places that do not entertain smokers.

Available in the form of cigarettes, fancy pipes and cigars, Crown7’s array of products make an efficient use of cartridges sold by the company to offer you a little but silent nicotine feel. The cigarettes can be charged with the cartridges retailed at $10 for five but mind you the devices use rechargeable battery.

Agree, it is a pricey deal but nothing is more precious than time. So without a second thought, go with the flow and fag in an official meeting or any of the religious places without any hesitation.

Cigar: $65 (cheapest)
Cigarette: $100
Fancy Pipe: $150


Electric Cigarette

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