World’s Most Expensive Baseball Card: T206 Honus Wagner

Known as “Mona Lisa” among the variety of baseball cards, T206 Honus Wagner card is the only desire of the baseball card collectors’. This extraordinary card is lately sold at a record-breaking cost of $2.8 million against its earlier sale of $2.35 million around six-months back. This smoking price of the card has beaten the record cost of the top 27 cards sold till date at public auction.

The auction of the card got over last week only. The T206 baseball card features Wagner in his teens clad in Pittsburgh Pirates uniform. Production of baseball cards dates back to decades ago. But what is so special about T206 Honus Wagner cards that helped them tout as the most-expensive baseball card ever?

In the primitive period, these cards were produced by tobacco companies and use to feature cigarette. In 1909, Honus Wagner was amongst the renowned global shortstops who did not want to promote smoking and thus he produced this card. Only 50-60 samples are expected to exist and out of which few of them are in mint condition.

Around seven years ago (July 2000), this card was owned by Bruce McNall and Wayne Gretzky and was sold on eBay to an anonymous Southern California collector for a smoking $1.27


T206 Honus Wagner

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