‘The Fall of the Damned’ Lampshade for $47520

On first look, these lampshades appear like a floating mass of ornaments, lavish and grandiloquent. A deeper look scans a scary picture by putting across the single bodies warped in fear that seem to have frozen.

The cadenced order sounds slightly confounding by rendering ornaments to the bodies. The blinking light on the skinny parts of the bodies make them appear more beautiful. The distinct feature of the lampshade is its glittering interiors. A change ion the angle of the silent viewer helps him view the various aspects of the lit core making them turn into vigorous objects than firm bodies.

Do these lampshades want to convey something? It seems you have got right!

The usage of “fall of the damned” can be related to the metaphor for remorse and punishment. Now eyebrows are raised about its being a didactic message or a product of formalism or both? The formation of the lamp is very symbolic, ornate and descriptive. I just all these qualities’ justifies its pricey cost of $47520. The lamp was designed for mgx private collection.

Designer: Luc Merx
Color: white
Dimensions: 26″w x 11″h x 25″d

The Fall of the Damned


Damned Lampshade

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