World’s Most Expensive Cigarettes, Really Kills!

How do we define luxury? Perhaps, the easiest description of this favorite hobby of the rich and the affluent lies in the plethora of exclusive products and services that are currently found in the markets, while carrying stupendous price tags. This is exactly what has happened with the world’s most expensive cigarettes. Designed and developed by the legendary Lucky Strike, this astounding pack of cigarettes will set you back a staggering $80,000. Introduced in the year 2006, this one off pack of luxury cigarettes is all about packaging rather than the cigarettes insides, which appear to be nothing more than the conventional sticks of smoke. The packaging of the cigarettes is where luxury crosses the line of sanity, as Lucky Strike has provided this magnificent pack with an 18ct white gold package, which is adorned with diamond and a sparkling large ruby.

The most expensive cigarette from Lucky Strike was initially introduced  in the year 2006 and was immediately brought to various European airports for display. Though the company has managed to sell substantial pieces of this extremely luxurious product, yet, Lucky Strike plans to usher in a range of ‘look alike’ cigarette packs that will be devoid of an actual diamond or a ruby, thereby significantly cutting down the prices. Lucky Strike was founded in the year 1871 and the company has ever since been in the limelight of the tobacco industry, with its exquisite range of cigarettes. The most expensive cigarettes is yet another attempt by the company to establish its supremacy over the tobacco market that has fast been overrun by various other luxury brands, such as the likes of Dunhill, Marlboro etc.


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