World’s Most Expensive and Tallest Mansion

There is a reason why for centuries, India has been referred to as ‘The Golden Bird’. Considered to be one of the most booming economies in South East Asia and counted among the top economies in the world, India has been at the forefront of global economic development. Now, the country is back in the economic spotlight with the proposed construction of an all new building that is being hailed as the world’s most expensive and tallest mansion. Affectionately called, Antilla, which is also the name of a mystery island, this magnificent structure is to serve as the home to the country’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani and is being constructed in the financial capital of India, Mumbai.

Antilla, besides housing the Ambani family, will also serve as home to an astounding 600 staff members, while the ceilings of the house are said to be twice the size of a conventional home.

Antilla will be a fully stocked house, where in the structure will come with its own helipad, health club and additional six floors that will be used for car parking. As per the construction specifications, this luxury mansion will have its own hanging gardens, a dedicated floor for home theater, as well two storeys entirely occupied by fitness equipment. This one of kind luxury estate is expected to cost about $800 million and will fall in the league of luxury skyscrapers, such as those dotting the skylines of Dubai, Shanghai and Seoul. This isn’t the first attempt at luxury housing by Mr. Ambani, as this highly successful industrialist purchased most expensive house in London in the year 2006 for $96 million, situated in the upscale Kensington Palace Gardens.

According to Hafeez Contractor (Architect),

“Our wealthiest citizens used to hide their money. They would not drive their Mercedes, they lived in small apartments. Even Mr Ambani’s father lived in a small block of flats. They were afraid of the taxman. But that attitude has gone; Mukesh has made his money, and good for him if he wants to flaunt it.”


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