The autograph hunter’s Holy Grail!

The very thought of David Beckam’s autograph driving perks needs an amendment. All thanks to our own William Shakespeare. More commonly referred to the as ‘Father of English Literature’, William Shakespeare is one of the most celebrated and accomplished of all authors since the 17th century period. Celebrating his legacy is up to six authentic autographs from this legendary writer where in each of these signatures carry a price tag of a whopping $3.93 million. Considered to be the crème of autograph collections, these rare and timeless pieces of history definitely prove to be a stunning addition to any collection of a philographer. All these autographs are present on handwritten documents, including some of the personal letters composed by William Shakespeare himself. However, what makes these pieces of historical writing all the more valuable is the fact that, till now none of the handwritten manuscripts of Shakespeare have ever been discovered and these signatures represents the writer’s orginal handwriting.

One of the world’s most expensive autograph in the world is said to be from William Shakespeare and is depicted on one of his plays. This handwritten autograph as per the current trend is expected to fetch up to $5 million or more if it ever goes up for sale. William Shakespeare is well renowned in the realm of literature for his highly popular plays such as ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ along with several texts written in regards to the various Kings of England. These six surviving and highly valuable autographs from Shakespeare are found on various personal documents such as his legal will, a deed to a house in London, as well as on a testimony paper that was submitted during a legal hearing.

The known magic 6 are:

• On a conveyance for a house in London

• As an evidence in a legal case

• On his mortgage papers

• Three in his will

Now, the news is each autograph is worth around £2.5m!


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