Parmigiani Type 370 Bugatti for $280,000

The Parmigiani Type 370 Bugatti, touted as the ‘Watch of the Year 2006’, is now available for general at a surprising price of $280,000. Against it earlier terms of its availability only to the buyers of Bugatti Veyron super car, the watch is now welcoming it elite buyers doing with away with its restricted edition tag!

The mere designing of the watch took around three-year time and makes an efficient use of the traverse movement very smartly by offering a clear view of the dial on the side of the wrist. This seems to follow the model of the conventional motoring watches.

With a backup power of 10 days, it can be wound in 5 seconds with the aid of a complementary pen like electric device. The profligate piece justifies its rare beauty inviting countless eyelids but generating only handful of prospective wrists.


Parmigiani Type 370 Bugatti

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