Elvis’s Hamburger Bed for a Luxury Sleep: $50,000 +

The very feel of this cushion bed is a shake and spin memento designed to honor the celebrated idol Elvis Presley, a known name in the realm of singers. This elegant piece of beauty has earned an initial bid of $50,000 at eBay but still lingers to offer a feast to the enquiring eyelids and expecting the visit from the premier bidder to take away this prolific piece of beauty.

This designer piece is not limited to the household accessory as its portfolio shows its need in the technology-driven world. To be straight, this is no less than a gadget with a built-in TV, stereo, eight-track player into the arched headboard. The bed becomes a complete accessory to be taken home with its two-standing stools on both the sides.

Besides features, its associated heritage history is what makes it a product worth flaunting. Initially, it was given to Elvis’s father and stepmother and was then sold off to Bernice Turner, Country music Hall of Fame member.

Known as ‘The hamburger bed’, the name was bestowed by Lisa Marie and must-say it fits its appearance. The lucky owner can justify the bulky payment by receiving a letter of legitimacy, assuring the authenticity of the item. Rush folks, you could be the prospective owner.


Elvis’s Hamburger Bed

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