150 Carat Diamond Wedding Dress @$12 mn

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Every woman while growing dreams of a fancy wedding, which is inclusive of a serene location, friends and family, the groom and over the top luxury to make the most important day of her life all the more memorable. At the center of this dream wedding is the ever alluring wedding dress, the one dress on which no woman can ever dream of compromising. As it goes that the wedding of the common man usually comprises of wedding dresses that though seem to be quite elegant, yet when valued in terms of money, they seem to be quite inexpensive. However, if you count yourself among the rich and the famous, then for your wedding, you can surely opt for the world’s most expensive wedding dress that not only carries an insane price tag, but will also make sparkling in the memories of all the attendees.

The most expensive wedding dress has been designed and developed by Jeweler Martin Katz and dressmaker Renee Strauss and the dress is adorned with numerous 150 carat diamonds.  Affectionately called, The Diamond Wedding Gown, this one of a kind luxury wedding dress carries price tag of a whopping $12 million. This sensational wedding gown was unveiled at the Luxury Brands Lifestyle Bridal show in February of 2006 and was even showcased at the prestigious Fashion & Diamonds show  in Dubai. The veil of this most expensive wedding dress has been studded by gorgeous rhinestones and as per estimates, the resale value of this dress is expected to much more than the actual price of the wedding dress.

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  • This dress is truly gorgeous, but seriously, what is the point of having a $12 million wedding dress with diamonds?!?! Overrated, and a rip-off. May as well go with a several-hundred dollar beautiful “non-diamond” wedding dress for all the difference it will make. You will wear it once and then what??? I know I sound really sceptical and rather bitchy, but I don’t mean it to. I just don’t see the point of wasting so much money on something like this.

  • i totally agree,,,, i mean $12 mn? wtf?????? no offense, no one will evn c th pricr tagg… gosshhh, its pretty tho,,, as nice th 1 id get in china for a cheap price lol

  • The Body of the dress is realy beautifull but I dont like the skirt. It make the dress look old. To much retro extually. Diamonds are always beautifull but I don’t think this is gonna work. Who would buy a dress like this one? It’s so expensive and you only wear such dresses only once!

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