Typo Earned $500,000+ Profit on eBay

A small missing alphabet ‘P’ has helped someone earn perks. The product available for auction at eBay that made a loss of $500,000 to one and profit to another is Allsopp’s Arctic Ale bottle. In 1852, the bottle was distilled for a voyage to the Arctic escorted by Sir Edward Belcher. The USP of the bottle is its freezing point that is below zero degrees.

Original Auction

The game started when the initial bid was invited for the product as Allsop’s and not Allsopp’s (correct spelling). This was a clear indication that it won’t earn more bids as the prospective onlookers for Allsopp’s couldn’t locate the product on eBay as it was wrongly spelled.

One blessed eBayer who acknowledged the monetary worth of the Brew made an effort and finally identified it on eBay. Fortunately, he was the second one to place the bid and the first one to crack this auction for $304. But what is the actual worth of the Allsopp’s?

Another Auction

It seems the guy wanted to play smart and he was successful in his plan. The product was then re0listen on eBay but this time with a correct spelling and finally earned a record-breaking 157 bids with a final auction at $503,300

Moral of the story

Keep your senses open so that you don’t make such blunder and if others happen to make such silly problems, you should be the first one to avail the best out of the deal.

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Allsopp’s Arctic Ale bottle

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