Bronze Horse Head to be Auctioned @ $10 million

This unique bronze horse’s head was designed to honor the zodiac fountain of the Summer Palace (Yuanmingyuan ) during the Qing dynasty. In 1860, it was pillaged by British and French troops from a water clock at Beijing.

The statue would be available for Sotheby’s autumn auction sales scheduled in Hong Kong on 9 October and is expected to fetch $10 million. Out of the 12 bronze heads of zodiac animals, this is being touted as the most “uncommon and glorious” effigy and is expected to invite fury and separatist thoughts among Chinese.

With an unconscious mind, blind eyes and deaf years, one can sense that the prospective buyer for the Horse’s head would be Chinese. The excuse for such statement is the fanatical nature of the wealthy Taiwanese collectors to retrieve their lost inheritance. Presently, only seven heads (including ox, tiger, bear and monkey) are being located and exhibited in a museum in Beijing. The rabbit and rat are under the personal custody of the European compilation.

Via Canada News

Bronze Horse Head

Bronze Horse Head

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