World’s Most Expensive Luncheon!

Speaking of charity, for many years have witnessed numerous music concerts, art shows and auctions that attract the rich and the famous, while simultaneously raising money for charity deeds. However, there is an even more creative way to donate to charity and that is by dining with the legendary investor and philanthropist, Warren Buffet. This is exactly what the rising star in the U.S investment sector, Indian-American businessman, Mohnish Pabrai is planning to accomplish by placing a bid of a whopping $ $650,000 for a three-hour luncheon with Warren Buffet. This one of a kind ‘date of the Titans’, which has been termed as the world’s most expensive luncheon has been organized to not only raise money for charity, but to also provide Mr. Pabrai a unique chance of spending valuable time with his ‘guru’, Warren Buffet. Mohnish Pabrai considers Mr. Buffet to be his greatest inspiration and greatly admires as well as respects the business magnate for his highly ethical business practices.

Considered to be one of the  most successful investors of all time in the U.S, Warren Buffet is well renowned for his business and analytical skills, while he is also highly revered for his commitment towards following ethical business standards. Also, known for his generous philanthropist activities, Mr. Buffet is known to have donate a substantial chunk of his fortune to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Likewise, the proposed Warren Buffet luncheon, which is currently on bidding at eBay is also aimed at supporting social service and the entire fee from this grand luncheon will be donated to the Glide Foundation, which helps the poor and homeless.

According to Mr. Pabrai,

“My guru is Mr. Buffett and I have only taken from him so far and have never given back. This lunch is the only meaningful way that I can give back to Mr. Buffett. The ‘guru dakshana’ remains mostly unpaid, but I’m excited about having made a dent in the right direction. Having 2-3 hours of Mr. Buffett’s undivided attention is priceless and I can hardly wait to break bread with the messiah.” 

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